Topics and Guests: May 13

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Celebrity lawyer and former Michael Jackson attorney, Mark Geragos (search), returns to Santa Maria to testify for the "King of Pop." Can Geragos bolster Jackson's defense? We'll get the lowdown from Greta's legal eagles:

Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney
Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney
Laura Ingle, KFI Radio reporter
Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney

Stunning new information about Jerry Hobbs (search), the man accused of brutally murdering his daughter and her best friend. His violent history includes stabbings, beatings … even chasing neighbors with a chainsaw. We'll give you the shocking details.

Plus, where in the world is missing Pennsylvania D.A. Ray Gricar? (search) We'll get the latest on the investigation from Gricar's girlfriend, Patty Fornicola.

And, the disappearance of two women last week terrified a small Southern town. Now, one of the women has surfaced with a bizarre story and the frantic search for the other woman is underway right now!

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