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Tune in to FOX News Channel this Saturday at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. and Sunday from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., 1 a.m. ET as award-winning and veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera brings you two special broadcasts this weekend!

Saturday, May 7:

Two of Jennifer Wilbanks' (search) ex-boyfriends speak out! We'll have the latest chapter in the saga of the Runaway Bride. Plus, a re-enactment of her cross-country spree!

Then, a serial pedophile's release from prison this week has a Texas community on edge. Convicted child molester Larry Don McQuay's (search) attorney, Paul Looney, talks to Geraldo about his client's infamous past, whether he's capable of striking again, and how his request for castration led to state law.

And, the Corey Clark controversy! The "American Idol" (search) contestant who single-handedly took on the country’s most popular popularity show is live with Geraldo and taking your phone calls!

Plus, Usama Bin Laden's (search) life on the run. Are we any closer to catching Public Enemy #1? Terrorism expert Steve Emerson investigates!

Sunday, May 8:

Don't miss Geraldo's explosive interview with serial killer Wayne Williams (search), who was convicted of the "missing and murdered children" cases that plagued Atlanta during the 1980s. Now police have reopened the investigation. Here why local Police Chief Louis Graham says Williams may be innocent!

Then, rumors explode surrounding Monaco's Prince Albert II (search). Did he father the child of a former flight attendant from Africa? What does this mean for future of Monaco's royal line? TV Host Robin Leach has the latest on the tryst's torrid twists.

And, Geraldo's spotlight interview with Ann Coulter. The conservative crusader talks about her controversial college speech.

Plus, Geraldo marks the 60th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi troops with a tribute to VE Day and salutes the memory of his good friend, Col. David Hackworth.

These stories and much more!

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NOTE: The Associated Press contributed to this report. Topics and guests subject to change.