Topics and Guests for May 11

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Are we really ready for another attack? We'll ask Bo Dietl, chairman and founder of Beau Dietl and Associates, and retired Maj. Gen. Don Edwards, FOX News military analyst.

Plus, what did today's terror scare in Washington mean for your money? We'll take the market's temperature with Wayne Rogers, president of Wayne Rogers and Company; John Caldwell, chief investment strategist of the McDonald Financial Group, and Gary B. Smith, columnist for

Just how concerned should you be about that pension (search) you worked so hard to protect? David Sawyer, who retired in 2003 after working 30 years for General Motors, joins the debate.

We've seen what filibusters can do to the Senate. What if corporate America had them? Dr. Stephen Covey, author of "The 8th Habit," weighs in.

Are mean bosses good for the bottom line? We'll ask Dr. John Hoover, author of "How to Work for an Idiot."

And, worried about a housing bubble bursting? Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and FOX News business contributor, weighs in.

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