Washington to Salute Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan (search), preparing for her first big public event since her husband's state funeral, says staying at the White House has left her awash in emotions and memories of the years they spent here.

The White House "brings back a lot of memories ... all the wonderful times, the not so wonderful times," Mrs. Reagan said in an interview aired Wednesday on a broadcast news morning show.

Eleven months after former President Reagan's (search) death, Mrs. Reagan said she wasn't sure she's emotionally prepared yet for Wednesday's salute in her honor, her first big national appearance since Reagan's state funeral last June.

"I'm not sure I am ready," she said. "But we'll see."

Mrs. Reagan is staying at the White House while in town for the dinner that will raise money for a presidential transportation pavilion at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (search) in California.

The museum will feature a Boeing 707 jet that served as Air Force One during her husband's tenure and was also used by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton and the two Bushes before it was retired in 2004.

The bipartisan event is being attended by Vice President Cheney and other Bush administration officials as well as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and other Democrats.