Ice Cream Man Punches Rude Kid

The Good Humor man evidently didn't think it was very funny.

Ice cream vendor Nazzareno Didiano, 44, was sentenced to 18 months' probation by a Pittsburgh judge Tuesday for beating up a 13-year-old boy who'd mouthed off to him, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

It's not clear exactly how the May 12, 2004, confrontation began, but both parties agreed that the boy at one point began complaining about the price of ice cream.

"I told him he didn't need any ice cream anyway because he's fat," said Didiano.

In response, the boy called Didiano, who has a receding hairline, a "bald [expletive] rip-off."

The pudgy teen, now 14, giggled in court as the ice cream vendor listed the obscenities that he said the boy directed at him.

The boy said Didiano caught up to him about two blocks away from the site of the initial confrontation, punched him in the face and slammed him against a wall.

The vendor denies laying a hand on the boy, but admits chasing him.

"I wanted to tell him I didn't appreciate being talked to like that," Didiano, who was subsequently fired from his job, explained. "He instigated the whole thing."

The judge didn't believe Didiano and found him guilty of simple assault. In addition to the probation, Didiano was ordered to take anger-management classes and pay $20 to repair the boy's bike.

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Streakers Run Amok on Massachusetts Campus

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. (AP) — Professor Eva Grudin was about to lead her students into a discussion of whether an abstract painting was meant to invoke a certain part of the male anatomy when her class was interrupted by the real thing.

With no warning, two naked students barged into her Williams College (search) lecture hall, struck a quick pose for the 150 students there, and ran out.

Nothing abstract here. Grudin and her students had just been streaked.

But this was no one-time prank by some drunken college students. It was yet another performance by two members of the Springstreakers (search), the latest unofficial student activity club at the liberal arts college.

"It's hard to get your bearings back and continue with your lecture after that," said Grudin, who let out a shriek that was followed by her students' laughter, then applause when the streakers stole everyone's attention from a slide projection of Robert Motherwell's (search) vaguely phallic depiction of a bull.

With two weeks before the end of final exams, Grudin and many of the students on the 2,000-student campus in the Berkshires say the Springstreakers are offering just the kind of stress relief that so many need right now.

"It's amazing that they do this," said Mon Thach, a freshman who was streaked in Grudin's art history class late last week. "It was so funny, and everyone needs a good laugh like that at the end of the semester."

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Rum, Nudity and the Lash

LONDON (AP) — The British navy has punished a group of officers for apparently swimming naked in the Caribbean, the Ministry of Defense said Tuesday.

The group of about six men and one woman belong to the crew of the destroyer HMS Liverpool (search), which is helping rebuild the island of Grenada (search) after Hurricane Ivan.

After a meal ashore, the group went for a swim. The female officer, a doctor, wore a bikini and swam apart from her fellow officers, some of whom apparently were naked, a ministry spokesman said.

The captain of the HMS Liverpool confined the officers to their ship until June 1 and removed their entitlement to drink alcohol while aboard the vessel, he said.

"This sort of behavior was considered to be inappropriate, and action was taken to remind individual officers of the high standards expected, especially whilst overseas," the spokesman added.

Reckless Teens Ordered to Write Own Death Notices

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — A judge ordered two teenagers who survived a dangerous stunt that they staged on a highway during rush hour to write their own obituaries.

One of the teens lowered his legs out of the back of a pickup truck while holding onto the tailgate, put his feet on the pavement and pretended to surf while his friend drove 65 mph. Both 17-year-olds admitted to the stunt on Interstate 76 that was taped by a friend in another vehicle.

The boys were caught after other drivers called police.

The judge on May 4 also took away the teens' licenses for a year, placed them on six months' probation, ordered them to do 30 hours of community service and fined them $50 and court costs.

"I want to try and help you realize you are not indestructible, that life is a gift," said Summit County Juvenile Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio.

The driver admitted to charges including reckless operation and allowing a person to ride on the outside of a vehicle. The other teen admitted to charges of riding on the outside of a vehicle. Both admitted disorderly conduct.

The teens were also ordered to write a letter for Teodosio that warns others about the danger of their stunt.

Idaho Cities to Patch Up Bullet Holes in Houses

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (AP) — After officers fired 22 shots at a fleeing man without hitting him, Boise and Garden City police departments said they'd pay nearly $7,000 to repair bullet holes in homes that were hit during the wild confrontation.

According to insurance claims filed with both departments by residents, shots fired by four officers in pursuit of 39-year-old Harlan Hale hit doors, windows, window moldings, garage doors, an all-terrain-vehicle and a clothes dryer. No one was injured in the March 9 chase.

Garden City is a town of about 11,000 residents surrounded by the city of Boise.

The shots came as police tried to apprehend Hale, who had been the target of a manhunt after he was accused of shooting at two Boise police officers during a traffic stop on Feb. 28.

He was arrested March 9 less than a mile from the neighborhood. After a short car chase, Hale drove through a back yard and over a shed before crashing his car into an irrigation canal.

Car Hits Toddler's Bedroom; She Keeps Sleeping

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Wild horses might be able to wake TaylorAnn Richason, but not mere horsepower.

Her whole house shook early Tuesday when a car crashed into it, destroying a sheetrock wall just inches from the 3-year-old's bed. The toddler, uninjured, slept right through it.

Marsha Richason ran to her daughter's room to find steam wafting through it from the car's smashed radiator.

"There was an angel on my daughter's side," she said.

The car slammed into the side of the Richasons' house about 2:30 a.m., punching a hole in the child's bedroom wall.

Police had tried to pull over the car, and the driver took off, said Cpl. Kurt Stanton, a police spokesman. The driver then lost control and slammed into the Richason's home.

Stanton said the driver fled, but an injured passenger was apprehended but had not been charged.

The driver was identified as George David Denardo III, 19. He is wanted for felony hit and run, evasion and driving on a suspended license. Stanton said Denardo also had been wanted for failure to appear.

Besides a hole in their home, the Richason's did get something else from the ordeal.

"I got me a souvenir," Travis Richason said, showing a crumpled license plate he found in a crawl space under their house after the car was towed.

Compiled by FOX News' Paul Wagenseil.

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