Minutemen Prepare to Head North

"Minutemen" (search) haven't been in New England for over 200 years, but the 21st-century version now plans to patrol the border in Vermont, securing it against illegal immigrants and terrorists.

"We're reviving the civil defense movement in this country. It's our duty as U.S. citizens to participate in securing our nation," said organizer Chris Simcox.

The entire land border between the United States and Mexico and Canada is 7,500 miles long. The controversial Minuteman Project last month patrolled a small portion of the southern border and reported illegal immigrants as they crossed into Arizona. Now, the Minutemen want to plug holes along the Canadian front.

"You have Canada being a sanctuary country. They allow refugee status to people that we might not necessarily give the same protection to," Simcox said.

U.S. customs and border protection officials would not talk to FOX News about the matter, but the former special agent in charge of Washington state's border said Americans have reason for concern about individuals entering the country from Canada.

"Every terrorist organization in the world has a representation there in the Vancouver area. It is an easy jump-off point to come across the border here into the United States and go anywhere," said former agent Carey James.

In Vermont, local officials said they were comfortable with the protection they already have.

"We have three active (border) crossings in town, we have ample personnel on all of them. They've upped the shift since 9/11 and they seem to have good communication and interaction between our state police, our county and our border patrol," said Eric Collins, a member of the Richford, Vt., Selectboard.

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