Topics and Guests for May 6

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The pageantry of President Bush's European trip masks a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin that is growing cold. The theme of Bush's trip is the march of democracy. So how tough of a stance should President Bush take with Putin? We'll ask Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO.

Then, the Kansas State Board of Education is holding hearings over what students should be taught about the origins of mankind? But is the evolution debate a ploy to get religious ideas into school? We'll hear both sides from Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, and Stephen Meyer, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute.

And, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to vote on John Bolton (search) next week. But will Democrats delay the vote again? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from political strategists, Brad Blakeman and Donnie Fowler.

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