Danza Loses Control of Go-Kart in Race

Tony Danza (search) got quite a scare when he and NASCAR star Rusty Wallace (search) were racing go-karts Monday morning for a segment on the nationally syndicated talk show "The Tony Danza Show."

Danza was leading Miller as they entered the final lap on West 66th Street when Wallace gave Danza's vehicle a little "bump and run," the show said. Danza lost control of his go-kart, which flipped over. Danza, 54, wasn't injured.

Wallace, who rushed to Danza's side after the crash, said, "I thought I killed ya," to which Danza responded, "Yeah ... just before you retire, `I killed Tony Danza.'"

"I know you're tough, but that (was) ridiculous, man!" Wallace was quoted as saying.

The "DayTony 500" segment, which was taped, aired on Monday's show.