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Chris Rock Defends Athlete Steroid Use

Chris Rock (search) is ready to get juiced.

"I'm pretty scrawny," Rock says in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. "If I was playing (football), I'd definitely be on steroids (search). You know, most people in the world, if you told them they could take a pill and be better at their job, they'd take the pill."

Rock co-stars with Adam Sandler in the upcoming "The Longest Yard," (search) a remake of the 1974 movie about prison inmates who challenge the prison guards to a football game.

It is Rock's first film since he hosted the Oscars in February. The 39-year-old actor-comedian continues to say he would do the show again if they asked him and the time was right.

"Doing the show got a bit of the chip off my shoulder," he says. "When you're a comedian that curses, you're always a second-class citizen to the guys who don't curse. They say, 'You're big, but so-and-so's a family comedian.' It's almost like porn — nobody admits to liking it, but it's a billion-dollar industry."

"The Longest Yard" hits theaters May 27.