Guests and Topics: Thursday, May 5

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The ABC News magazine show "Primetime Live" unveiled their "American Idol" expose last night. Was the story really newsworthy or just "Idol" chatter? What did we learn? Was this a low point for ABC News or did the story have journalistic merit? We'll debate it!

Plus, the Marine accused of allegedly shooting an allegedly unarmed Iraqi insurgent in Fallujah (search) has been cleared of all wrong doing by the military. We'll have the details for you.

But it also looks like one of the people at the heart of the Abu Ghraib (search) prisoner abuse scandal, Lynndie England (search) may not get a light sentence after all after her guilty plea plan falls through. We'll have analysis of both situations for you...

Then, we all know that some Americans verbally abuse police officers but how far can they really go? And can the cops use similar words to talk back to the public?

Later, as "The Factor" moves along, the runaway bride releases a statement to the media about her disappearance last week. We'll tell you what she said and we'll talk with outspoken radio talk show host Mike Gallagher about why he is sticking up for Jennifer Wilbanks (search).

These stories and much more, including a brand-new edition of our world famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"!

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