Tracking Sex Offenders

Newsflash: One of the two convicted sex offenders, who vanished this week in Florida after cutting off their ankle bracelets, has just turned himself in. We mentioned him on “DaySide” Thursday: Jimmy James Felder (search). Turns out he surrendered to authorities, but that still leaves Patrick Bell (search) on the run. And it leaves the bigger question: Why is it so easy for these pedophiles to cut off their monitoring devices and elude police?

I have to say, I was stunned Thursday when the CEO of the company making these devices said you can cut them off with a simple pair of scissors. For Pete’s sake, we're trusting convicted pedophiles to comply with the HONOR SYSTEM? They're felons! They have committed one of the most unspeakable crimes I know of — harming an innocent child — and we expect them to play by the rules with the bracelets?? The tracking device only works if it STAYS on the ankle of the wearer. If he can chuck it into a canal and vanish into thin air like Jimmy James Felder did, is that a wise use of our tax dollars?

Many of you wrote in after the show to suggest better tracking devices, and I think that's worth investigating.

...What is needed to be done is to surgically place a GPS (search) computer chip somewhere in the back under the skin of these individuals. Then this should be very difficult to remove, perhaps only by a doctor...
—SP Richard, Redford, Michigan

I live in Florida and have a sex offender living near me. We are sick of this... These people have left permanent scars on their victims. The offender should carry a scar too. They should have at least a 2 inch black tattoo in thick block letters on their foreheads. 'SO' for offender and 'SP' for predator... All you ACLU people, dry up.
—Richard Casci, Sanford, Florida

I really do think the time has come for us to have a national discussion about this — and about longer prison sentences for those who sexually abuse or assault children. I'm sorry, but as a parent, I am short on forgiveness and long on PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES.

Speaking of children, there's another story we're working on for “DaySide” Friday — the mom in Washington state who's accused of tying up her kids. Several days ago, a girl called 911 saying her mother and her mother's boyfriend had tied up the girl's two brothers with duct tape and zip ties. When police arrived at the house, the mom refused to let them in and told them she could punish her kids any way she wanted; the lover was caught scrambling out a second-floor window. Now she and her lover have pleaded not guilty. It's a good thing there's an edit function on this computer, otherwise I'd write some things I might regret about the state of parenting these days.

Don't get me wrong — I'm not a perfect parent. Far from it. And I know crime has existed for as long as humanity has, so this is not exactly anything new. But between the pedophiles cutting off their bracelets and kids being tied up in flexicuffs... I'm disgusted.

How about you?


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