Topics and Guests: May 4

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A desperate search for a missing Pennsylvania prosecutor is underway tonight. Why does his daughter fear he was the victim of foul play? She goes On the Record.

And, will Michael Jackson be forced to take the stand? David Gest, singer Liza Minnelli's estranged husband, speaks out about his good friend’s fate and what the Jackson family has planned when the trial ends.

Plus, could vicious serial killer Jeremy Brian Jones killing spree have been stopped much sooner if the FBI hadn’t made a serious fingerprinting error? What happened and why was a violent killer set free? Greta has the latest.

Then, a major victory in the war on terror. Al Qaeda’s number three man is captured. Will his arrest lead us to Usama Bin Laden?

And, a brutal murder in a sleepy college town. A manhunt is underway for the killer who strangled University of Delaware student Lindsey Bonistall and then set her apartment on fire. Did she know her murderer? We'll have late-breaking details in the case.

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