It's a TV Show!

Does anybody here remember Ted Mack's "Original Amateur Hour"? It was on the radio back before TV and it was a talent show. People came on and sang or told jokes and juggled — something — and people in the audience applauded. It was a big hit with your great grandfather.

Then, a few years later, when I was a kid and TV had been invented — though not color TV — there was another talent show. It was called "Queen for a Day" with Jack Bailey. The talent one had to exhibit for this show was the ability to make people feel sorry for you. "Oh my kid is in an iron lung and if I could just get a new washing machine, I could make money taking in laundry and put my kid through college." People applauded and the winner was whoever scored big on the applause-o-meter.

Now, Wednesday, I'm sitting here on the set talking to Judge Napolitano and Lisa Bernard about "American Idol" (search) and whether some kid who sings got an advantage from smooching the former Lakers cheerleader who is a judge. And Judge Napolitano is scandalized! He's saying, "She can't smooch the kid if she's a judge!"

And I'm saying, "Judge, what are you talking about? You're a judge."

She's hosting a TV show.

So what's all this hollering about? It's a TV show.

I know, I know, it's a FOX show and I guess I have a dog in this fight. I'm on Paula's side and FOX's side.

But, honestly, a major network is investigating whether a kid singer smooched the judge — this is what TV news networks do now? Really?

And they pay off the kid for his salacious confessions by playing his new single over and over throughout the show?

Puhleeze! Puhleeze!

Excuse me, get a grip!

It's a TV show. Surely the big time news network has something better to do. And, surely, while we're on the subject, if they're going to do it, do it well.

Enough said.

That's My Word.

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