Usama bin Laden's Head in Dry Ice

Wednesday's edition of "Fox and Friends" ranged from the latest on Michael Jackson (search) to Usama bin Laden's head in dry ice to puppy dogs in washing machines. In other words, we covered a lot!! Sorry we did not get to your e-mails. We had technical issues, but we will make it up to you tomorrow.

First, the great news: Our intel and Pakistan's military helped grab UBL's No. 3 guy Abu Farraj al-Libbi (search). Ok, you don't know the name but just understand he took over for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the terrorist who masterminded 9/11 and the USS Cole bombing. If an operation was going to take place inside our borders, that guy would have to make it happen and now he's under arrest and hopefully talking. I'm sure his arrest was delayed so we could pick up others in his network first … at least I hope so. This news came to us as I was sitting next to Rohan Gunaratna, who is an Al Qaeda expert. He was giddy. KSM has been talking since his capture and hopefully this guy will, too. Did you see his picture? It is the true sense of evil. We also had news this morning from a former CIA agent who spoke out about his orders going into the war against terror in Afghanistan, and I'm sure we can all relate to the sentiment. The agent was told by CIA honcho Cofer Black to bring back UBL's head in a box packed in dry ice. Maybe this arrest will bring it closer to reality. I think the day we kill or capture UBL will be akin to a national holiday.

On the fun side, we learned people are sticking their puppies in washing machines to get them clean. Although the dogs look terrified, they come out clean and cling free … and isn't that all that matters?

The runaway bride is getting wackier each day, and I just don't get the fiancée taking her back. Are you kidding? There has to be more there than we all know. Overall we are all relieved that this is more mystery than murder. It's hard to stomach all of this unimaginable killing, i.e. BTK (search) and Jessica Lunsford (search). It's such a relief to know the runaway bride is just a run away bride.

Was able to have John McEnroe on this week promoting the game of tennis to our nation's kids. In doing so, I was able to pay him back for having me on his show for my book "The Games Do Count." Ok, his show did not work out but he is great TV. Why? Because he gives an interviewer the respect of answering a question honestly. He does not know a sports cliché. I rank John as one of the top three interviewers in sports. I rank Barkley and Bobby Knight ahead of him, but that's it!!

Finally, if you want to make my book your book for graduation, a birthday or Father's Day, go to and place the order. Thanks so much and keep watching!!


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