Loews to Post 'Reel' Film Start Times

If you're a moviegoer who hates sitting through the Fandango sack puppets, coming attractions and Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man, here's some really good news.

Loews Cineplex Entertainment (search) will begin advertising movie showtimes with a note saying most movies actually start 10 to 15 minutes later because of all those commercials, public service announcements and previews.

The note will start appearing in newspaper and Internet listings for the theater chain beginning next month, said John McCauley, Loews' senior vice president for marketing. Loews (search) owns 200 theaters nationwide.

The change was a response to complaints from moviegoers, he said.

Yet, McCauley said he thinks few people will arrive later because of the notice.

"We still think people enjoy coming early, getting their popcorn, finding their seats, talking amongst one another," he said.