TV Land to Close Shop for 'Raymond' Finale

TV Land is paying tribute to "Everybody Loves Raymond" (search) by airing programming so annoying during the sitcom's CBS finale that viewers can't help but want to change the channel.

The cable channel, devoted to airing reruns of classic series, will show a room filled with 210 guys named Raymond when the show's final episode airs May 16.

They'll each wear a T-shirt with the title of one of the show's episodes and stand, one by one, to introduce themselves and the episode title have on.

"`Everybody Loves Raymond' is poised to take its place as one of television's most memorable family sitcoms," said Larry Jones, network president. "TV Land (search) wants to be sure that no viewers will accidentally miss this historic television event."

TV Land has done something similar twice in its nine-year history. It went off the air in 1998 to salute the "Seinfeld" finale and, in 2004, aired pictures of a room full of network staff members purportedly watching the "Friends" finale while periodically telling viewers to do the same.