Britain's Bitterness Towards Blair

It's going to be interesting to see how the British election set for Thursday is going to work out for Tony Blair (search).

As you know, Blair was George W. Bush's big war buddy, taking Britain along in a war that barely more than half the British people supported on March 19, 2003. And, as of now, something around less than half think they still support the war.

In fact, there's quite a lot of bitterness in Britain about Blair's role as G.W. Bush's main member of the coalition of the willing. Blair may have been willing, darn few of his countrymen were, and now they think Blair fudged, wheedled, maybe even lied to get them to go along.

In fact, the families of 10 Brit soldiers killed in Iraq have launched an effort to drag Blair into court for lying over the reasons he gave for taking the country to war.

You remember this stuff about sexing up intelligence reports, and whether Saddam had WMD that could be launched at unsuspecting coalition troops at a moment's notice. Well, forty-five minutes notice was the claim. Turned out to be a bit embarrassing since a few years worth of inspection seemed to indicate he would actually have needed several years notice to mix the stuff up and get it ready to shoot out of a gun.

But, oh well, the U.N. thought he had the stuff, so why shouldn't Bush and Blair?

Anyway, Tony is getting savaged over there over the war. And guess who has turned up to help him out in his election, to help him be re-elected over the objections of those who thought they were lied to?

The very same team that was helping to get John Kerry elected, muttering the whole time that Bush lied to get the country into a war.

That's right. The whole bunch of them: Bob Shrum, Stan Greenberg et al. The Democrats' A-Team.

So here they were in the U.S. saying Bush lied, but now there they are in Britain saying Tony didn't lie.

What happens when you fly across the Atlantic four hours? Does the world turn upside down?

I must take that flight sometime and see what happens.

That's My Word.

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