Rescuers Search for Boy Scout's Body

Rescue teams searched waters along the southern New Jersey (search) coast on Sunday for the body of a boy scout who fell off a whale-watching boat.

Rough conditions forced police and Coast Guard (search) boats to suspend the search around midday, but investigators did find a piece of clothing on the propeller that might have belonged to the boy, police said.

The search was expected to continue Monday.

Nicholas Johs, 14, of Staten Island (search), N.Y., fell Saturday after he and several other troop members were jumping up and down in the front of the boat in time with the waves, witnesses told police.

One of the passengers threw Johs a life preserver but the youth could not reach it. Another passenger dove into the 49-degree water to try and rescue him but had to turn back. Troop members were not wearing life vests, police said.