Brickman, Where Are You?

What a fun show on Friday! OK, it wasn't fun for the producers when they learned at 6 p.m. Thursday that the show would start at an hour earlier, but the topics and guests were a blast.

First, help me out please. In talking about superheroes, I mentioned "Brickman," a character all my co-workers claims never existed. I mean never existed even in a fictional sense. Please America, e-mail me at with a photo of the squatty shirtless man of bricks.

Second, I am in battle with Steve over who Popeye's (search) No. 1 nemesis is. Steve claims it's "Brutus." I say "Bluto." And, I do not know what either one sees in Olive Oyl!

We went early because President Bush spoke in prime time and they needed Juliet and me live to break it down. Look for both us to be on with Brit Hume or Judy Woodruff's "Inside Politics." Just kidding! Britt would never have us on.

What was serious is the missing bride and our threesome debate on whether we would take a lie detector test if we were the fiancé. Even the innocent would be worried and scared and who knows if that would throw off the tests and place you in jail. In other words, his hesitancy does not make me think the fiancé is guilty. For E.D. and Steve they would take it and wonder why he has not yet.

Notice the show is getting a little lighter in content? Hope you are all ok with that. Let us know! We check the e-mail everyday and — by the way — look for at least one daily e-mail segment in the show seven days a week.

Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping us No. 1. Finally, if you'd like a signed copy of my book "The Games Do Count" just go to and I'll personalize it for ya!


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