Air America Apology: Enough or Get Tough?

The Air America (search) talk radio network issued an apology for a skit about shooting President Bush.

Aired during Monday's "The Randi Rhodes Show," the segment featured a spokesman for the fictional "American Association of Armed Retired People" saying, "A spoiled child is telling us our Social Security (search) isn't safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here's your answer, you ungrateful whelp!" The show then played the sound of gunshots.

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A sample of your responses:

Air America's "joke" was fulfilling a dual purpose. It also took a swipe at "redneck gun-toting" red staters, don't you think?
Judy P.

Apology not accepted. Take them off the air.
Sue D.
Canal Fulton, OH

In response to your guest earlier who said "imagine if this was a conservative with a liberal president... the press would be all over this." I feel I have to point out that Ann Coulter, the conservative pundit, wrote regarding President Clinton "that the only question was whether to impeach or assassinate Clinton." This is clearly inflammatory and threatening language. The 'bit' on Air America was in a completely different context (comedy) though as the host of the show said "it was in bad taste."
Eric J.
Tampa, FL

It does not take an adult to know that a skit like that does not belong on a public venue. If people want the government to get tough on thinks like cuss words and nudity, I think we should as well be tough on advocating violence.

Not enough! Prosecute! Who needs these misfits with no decency or common sense!
San Antonio, TX

No. Not Enough. They should have called all their listeners one by one. (After all, that would have only taken about 10 minutes and cost about $1.75!)
Robert B.
New York, NY

Does it bother anyone else, that liberals that say they hate guns so much, sure seem to want to use use them on conservatives an awful lot!
Billy W.
Myrtle Beach, SC

So they didn't catch this in their normal vetting process? Why is it that I get the impression they only invented the idea of a "vetting process" after the spot aired?
Frankly, the apology is irrelevant. If it takes two days after the spot aired to come up with an apology, when it could have been done later on Monday, it sounds like the spoiled brat who apologizes because he was caught, not because he's truly sorry for doing something wrong.
Randy T.
Roanoke, VA

How come if a kid at school brings a gun, or makes a threat about someone's life, they are either suspended from school, or there is some kind of punishment given. But if adults do this, all they have to do is say, "I'm sorry." What message are we sending our kids. I think heads should roll.

Would it be enough if it had happened on a conservative talk show about one of their own, i.e., John Kerry? I don't think so. I am satisfied with the apology as long as nothing like that happens again — it was totally irresponsible. But I think we would be hearing about it for weeks if the "shoe had been on the other foot."
June G.
Columbus, MS

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