State Blocks 13-Year-Old's Abortion

A 13-year-old girl in Florida (search) has just discovered she's pregnant and wants an abortion. That's already tragic enough; but it turns out she's been in the custody of DCF (Department of Children & Families) for several years, and got pregnant while she was being housed in a group home in St. Petersburg.

Tuesday morning she was scheduled to have the abortion when the state intervened, citing Florida law that says "in no case shall DCF consent to a sterilization, abortion or termination of life support" on behalf of someone who's under DCF's care. Sounds pretty clear. But the girl's lawyers argue that, under the state's privacy law, minors have a right to decide for themselves whether to continue or abort a pregnancy.

For now, all we know about this girl is that her initials are L.G. and she's 13 weeks pregnant; we don't know who the father is (and whether, for example, this is a case of statutory rape). So who should speak for L.G.? Which of the laws I've mentioned trumps the other? We all grieve at the thought that an unborn baby might be killed, but should this girl be forced to carry to term what appears to be an unwanted pregnancy? And considering DCF's checkered track record, what kind of care was being given to L.G. in the first place? E-mail me your comments at

On the (much) lighter side, Friday we have a special guest — one of my favorites — psychic medium John Edward (search). He's written a new book about praying and surprisingly, it's advice for all of us on how to use the rosary (search).

Now, I'm Catholic, and to me the rosary always seemed meaningful to Catholics, but mumbo jumbo to my Methodist (search) and Jewish friends; so I was surprised to see that John thinks praying the Rosary can help people of ALL faiths. (He writes that he was initially reluctant to write the book, but was told repeatedly by his spirit guides to do it.)

There's a lot I want to ask John, about the book and about the messages he gets from the "other side". If there's anything you want to ask him, e-mail me and I'll pass it on to him. The last time he was on “DaySide,” he was just terrific with the audience about answering questions, so fire away.

See you on the air.


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