Melania Trump to Star in Aflac Commercial

In her first big commercial, model Melania Trump (search) is starring alongside a duck — and it's not The Donald.

"He's a real pro," Trump told The Associated Press about the Aflac (search) duck, her quack of a co-star in an upcoming television commercial. "He made me feel very comfortable."

Trump and the duck star in a 30-second spot for Aflac insurance titled, "Experiment." The duck's speaking part is usually limited to his famous "Aflaaaaaaaac" squawk. But in the ad, a mad scientist swaps Trump's sultry voice with the infamous spokesduck, voiced by Gilbert Gottfried (search).

"We want to give Aflac some sex appeal, that's what the commercial is all about," said the Slovenian-born Trump, the bride of billionaire Donald Trump (search).

At the end of the commercial, she quacks out the familiar squawk, while looking down at her new duck feet. The ad will debut May 2.

"I love the Aflac commercials," Trump said Tuesday. "They're really funny. I thought what better way to do my first big commercial than with one of America's top icons, the Aflac duck."

As a model, Trump has appeared in numerous print ads and graced the covers of Vogue and British GQ, but "Experiment" is her first major role in a national TV ad.

It's No. 22 for the duck.