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President Bush wraps up his 60-day long tour trying to convince Americans that Social Security needs fixing and that "personal retirement accounts" are the way to go. But will the administration's proposal result in any substantive changes? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Rich Lowry, editor of The National Review, and Democratic strategist, Doug Schoen.

Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (search) narrowly escaped capture by U.S. military forces in Ramadi, Iraq, in a February raid that netted two of his associates. U.S. forces did obtain Zarqawi's laptop computer, which sources told FOX News contained valuable intelligence. Are we closing in on capturing one of the world's most dangerous terrorists?

Then, as the judge in the Michael Jackson molestation case rules the pop star's ex-wife can testify, the defense team loses one of their attorneys, Brian Oxman. Could the departure of Oxman hurt the defense? Laura Ingle, KFI Radio reporter, gives us the latest from outside the Santa Maria courthouse.

Plus, former prosecutor, Arthur Aidala, and criminal defense attorney, Drew Findling, weigh in on the unexpected changes to the defense team.

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