Topics and Guests: April 27

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Were the civil rights of a five-year-old girl in Florida violated after she was handcuffed at her school for throwing a tantrum? We’ll ask civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton (search) why he may be stepping into the case.

Are U.S. chemical plants safe or are they vulnerable to terror attacks? The Senate is holding a hearing on security at the nation’s chemical plants to find out what risks exist. We’ll have a report from Catherine Herridge.

Plus, we’ll bring you the latest in the Michael Jackson (search) trial which may put Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe (search) on the stand as they wrap up their case this week. Will Jackson be forced to testify in his own defense? Anita Vogel is live at the courthouse in Santa Maria with the details.

And is Congress looking to regulate professional sports? Hearings are underway today on the steroid testing policies used by the NFL. Lawmakers suggest these hearings may result in new legislation to mandate uniform steroid plans for all professional sports in the U.S. Weighing in on new testing procedures are Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch and NFL player representative Archie Lamb.

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