Sexiest Job: What's Your Pick?

The Massachusetts based software company has an online survey on the so-called sexiest jobs. Firefighters lead the list, with 16 percent.

Flight attendants are No. 2, despite the current era of job insecurity, salary cuts and crammed planes. For some, rich is better than glamorous. CEO, with a $600,000 salary, is the No. 3 job.

Other top-ranking careers on the sexiest job list include reporter, interior designer, event planner, nurse, teacher, doctor, and lawyer.

Sexiest Job: What's Your Pick?

A sample of your responses:

Without a doubt, the sexiest job is that of a U.S. Marine. After almost 9 years of marriage to one, (May 25th will be 9 years), he still makes my heart skip a few beats when he walks in wearing his full dress blues. There is no sexier uniform in the world than that of a U.S. Marine's dress blues!

I don't care what kind of job a guy has, but the sexiest is the guy that does housework.
Theresa K.
Hayward, WI

Obviously, the sexiest job is the "FOX & Friends" news anchor!
Great show,
M. Miller
Bucks County, PA

Man who gets raccoons out of home attics.
Sallie C.
Amsterdam, OH

I’m trying to explain to my 10 and 14 year old girls why you’re conducting a "sexy job" survey. Do you mean erotic? Or do you mean exciting? I’m so tired of everything, and I mean everything, being described as "sexy." How about something a little more correctly descriptive, like "most thrilling job," "most exciting career." Or, do you really want sex to be part of the delivery guy's day (on the job)?
Tulsa, OK

The sexier job is the military. They have to keep fit for the job, they wear uniform and there's nothing sexier than someone taking care of you 24 hours a day! I should know I married one.
Arlene B.
Fort Bragg, NC

E.D. has the sexiest job, because she is the sexiest woman on TV.
Alan S.
San Diego, CA

My wife happens to think I am very sexy. We are still newly weds and she says she does not regret marrying a funeral director.
Luke B.
Sarasota, FL

Come back to Texas... we still have plenty of cowboys!
Debbie S.

Farmers get my first vote and cowboys right behind them!

I would have to say FOX News men! Intelligence is hot! Neil Cavuto is No. 1!
Wichita, KS

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