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How is convicted killer Scott Peterson (search) adjusting to life on death row? We'll get the No Spin truth about Scott's time behind bars when we talk with prison public information officer Vernell Crittendon.

Then, The Washington Post makes some very strong charges against the Bush administration regarding the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. But can they back them up? We'll debate it with Michael Posner from the group Human Rights First.

And, the latest on the tragic story of the two toddlers found dead in a Georgia pond. Should the parents have done more to keep these two kids safe? We'll discuss it with radio talk show host and author of the new book "Fathering Your Toddler", Armin Brott.

Plus, was racism behind the decision to slap handcuffs on a 5-year-old girl who was removed by police from her classroom after acting out? Rev. Al Sharpton tells us why he's getting involved in the little girl's legal battle...

Also, speaking of kids acting out... We'll tell you about the fight over a proposed new Texas law that would give parents and grandparents the right to spank their children. Should the government tell you how you can and cannot raise your kids? Why does permission to spank need to be put into law, anyway? Because, believe it or not, in some states it's illegal to give a spanking!

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And later, two updates for you: more on the border petition when told you about last night and the ACLU - North American Man Boy Love Association murder controversy in Massachusetts.

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