Kids Behaving Very Badly

On March 21, Jeff Weise, 16, murdered his grandfather, his grandfather's companion, a teacher, a school guard and five students at Red Lake High School. Some of the money donated to families of victims will go to Weise's survivors, the Tribal Council has decided.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports:

"Why are they considering him to be a victim when he killed everybody?" asked Victoria Brun, sister of slain guard Derrick Brun. She railed against the Tribal Council's decision that Weise be seen as a victim and that his family be allocated at least some money.

. . . Tribal Chairman Floyd (Buck) Jourdain Jr. said Wednesday that the Red Lake Memorial Fund, set up at Wells Fargo bank branches, has received more than $200,000 in donations and that more is arriving.

. . . The Tribal Council on Wednesday distributed $5,000 checks to 15 families, including Weise's.

What makes this even stranger is that Jourdain's son has been arrested on charges he had advance knowledge of Weise's plan to kill students.

I have a feeling donors thought the money would go to innocent victims’ families.

School Violence Reports Are Fiction

Some Colorado schools report no violence unless a student suffers "severe bodily harm." Students may be burned, beaten, stabbed and slashed, but their schools report zero assaults, the Denver Post reports.

Some schools report every punch thrown on the playground. Others did not include assaults that police classified as felonies.

Last school year, for example, Jefferson County schools reported 644 assaults or fights. The Aurora and Cherry Creek school districts each reported one.

A boy who needed staples to close head wounds. A girl taken to a hospital with bruised kidneys. A sexual assault. A knifing. Attacks with a flagpole and a baseball bat. These were some of the incidents police investigated in Denver, Cherry Creek or Aurora schools that reported no assaults or fights last year.

The story suggests that some schools that report many assaults simply set higher standards for student behavior; playground scuffles are reported as unacceptable violence. Meanwhile, violent schools tolerate everything short of dismemberment.

Rape in the Auditorium

At a Columbus, Ohio high school, a 16-year-old disabled girl was dragged to the auditorium stage, "punched and forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys," as students watched and one videotaped her humiliation.

Mifflin High School officials who found her bleeding from the mouth did not call police, and an assistant principal cautioned the girl's father against calling 911 because the media might get involved, according to statements from school officials obtained by The Columbus Dispatch.

The girls' father ignored the advice and called the police. In the statements, which have students names blacked out, one student said the boys told the victim: "If you scream, I'll have all my boys punch you."

Someone then "punched her in the face and she dropped to her knees," the witness said. One witness looked for a security guard during the assault, but found no one. When the attackers ran away, several students helped the girl get dressed and took her to a guard.

The Columbus School Board has fired the principal and suspended three assistant principals for failure to call the police. Four boys are being investigated for the assault.

Gunny Therapy

From a blog titled Bloodletting: A Marine Grunt Goes to Med School, comes a prescription for "Gunny therapy" for whiners and brats.

When some "out of control teen" comes marching out on stage dressed like a Harry Hines Hooker, flicking people off, and calling her mom a bitch, she needs Gunny therapy. She needs someone to come along, smack her briskly about the ears, and berate her for her poor behavior until she finally figures out that the beatings will continue until morale improves.

This child doesn't need to talk about his feelings. He doesn't need peer counseling. He doesn't need "a self-affirming environment producing synergistic moods conducive to realizing his full personhood." He needs someone to stand tall and give him a good, swift kick in the ass.

Don't try this outside the Marine Corps.

Right to Wear Makeup

Wearing black lipstick and face paint to school is a religious right, says a ninth-grade boy in Southern California.

James Herndon, 16, said the five-day suspension imposed Monday by administrators at San Bernardino's Pacific High School was unfair because females are allowed to wear cosmetics on campus.

Herndon says his black lipstick and red eye makeup express the Wiccan religious beliefs he shares with his mother, a priestess in the neo-pagan faith. He contends the suspension violates his constitutional right to free expression.

Apparently, he’s going for a Goth-clown effect.

Joanne Jacobs writes about education and other issues at She's writing a book, Ride the Carrot Salad, about a start-up charter high school in San Jose.

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