'Insider' Host Pat O'Brien Out of Rehab

"The Insider" co-host Pat O'Brien (search) has allegedly been released from rehab and could be headed back to TV as soon as next week.

O'Brien was spotted Sunday at L.A.'s tony Hotel Bel Air and is expected to appear on an upcoming edition of "Dr. Phil."

He could return to hosting "The Insider," (search) his nightly entertainment-news show, by next week, sources say.

The mustachioed broadcaster entered a substance abuse rehabilitation program last month the day before several explicit voice mails — in which a man who sounds like O'Brien was heard trying to coax a woman into a threesome — were posted on the Internet.

"Let's have [bleep]ing sex and drugs and just go crazy," the voice says in one of three messages, most of which were too graphic to print. "You're [bleep]ing sexy, I want to go crazy with you."

At the time a spokesman for "The Insider" said O'Brien wouldn't be returning to the show "until he is better."

O'Brien's spokesman and officials at Paramount, the studio that produces "The Insider," declined to comment Monday.

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