Brits to the Rescue on 'Marriage 911'

"Nanny 911," a show that dispatches teams of stern British nannies to the homes of American parents who have lost control over their children, was an unexpected hit for Fox.

So, here comes the natural segue ... "Marriage 911." (search)

"Marriage 911," which premieres Monday night on Fox at 8 p.m. EDT, goes to the source of the problem: the parents.

"The typical conflicts and the typical fires that we're gonna have to address in this couple and in most couples that I've ever seen are communication — all styles of communication how to be effective in that," the show's British marriage therapist, Jamie Greene (search), told FOX News.

"Marriage 911" provides one unhappy couple, Chris and Laura King, with Greene's services for one intense week.

The Kings — who have five children — recently appeared on "Nanny 911." (search) Before their "Nanny" episode, Chris spent most of his time at his chiropractic practice and took no responsibility for any of the domestic chores.

And Laura, who was left home with the kids all day, was frustrated, and just waiting for the day that Chris would leave.

The new "911" focuses on couples feeling the stress of having children and losing sight of why they married in the first place.

"Learning how to really talk to someone that invites them in — to listen rather than just to disconnect and detach, teamwork, unity, partnership — the responsibility thing is huge, you know, none of this blaming stuff — and remembering that there's a purpose for why we came together and to reconnect people to that," Greene told FOX.

So what about all this free advice ... besides luring viewers, does it actually pose a menace to the marriage counseling business?

"If I can successfully get couples all over America to identify for themselves — 'Wow, you know, we relate to this, we have those problems in communication, yes I'm shut down,' and I can actually educate and touch people in how to open up and effectively not have to go to therapy to do that, I'd be very happy," Greene told FOX.

The King's episode is the only "Marriage 911" installment scheduled so far ... but if the show connects with viewers, more episodes could be in the future.

FOX News' Mike Waco and Adam Housley contributed to this report.

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