Topics and Guests for April 22

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The video purportedly shot and posted online by the Islamic Army in Iraq shows a crew member on board the helicopter that crashed north of Baghdad apparently survive, only to be shot to death by insurgents. But is the video really from Thursday's fiery crash or is it a propaganda ploy by terrorists? Former U.S. Army Major Dana Robert Dillon, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, gives us the lowdown.

Then, Europe's biggest anti-terror trial is underway in Madrid, with 24 suspected members of Al Qaeda facing charges. So what evidence does Spain have against these men? We'll ask terrorism analyst Lorenzio Vidinio.

And, the Family Research Council speaks out against Democrats' efforts to block the president's judicial nominees by organizing a telecast that depicts Democrats as "people against faith." But, are these accusations valid? Reverend Bob Edgar, secretary general of the National Council of Churches, weighs in.

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