Topics and Guests for April 21

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U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan catches fire again: Two members of the crew investigating the Oil-for-Food scandal have thrown in the towel, saying the report was "too soft" on Kofi. FOX News correspondent Eric Shawn is live from the U.N. with the latest.

Then, Vietnam veteran Michael Smith (search) spit tobacco juice in Jane Fonda's face Tuesday, calling her a traitor. But while many vets are not fond of Fonda, they don't all agree with what Smith did. So are there better ways to protest Jane Fonda? Jerry Newberry, director of communications for Veterans of Foreign Wars in Kansas City, weighs in.

And, will the Minutemen's efforts help to secure our borders? We'll ask Dale McGlothlin, COO of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

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