Not Fonda Jane

Jane Fonda (search) is going to have a lot of people mad at her for a long time.

Judging by what happened in Kansas City at her book signing appearance when a Vietnam vet spit in her face, evidently she has not passed through the period where Vietnam vets are furious with her.

I was hosting Tony Snow's talk radio show Thursday and I was surprised at the number of veterans who called to say they had been spit on when they came home from Vietnam. I've always heard these stories and always wondered if there wasn't just a bit of exaggeration going on. Evidently not.

Vietnam vet callers reported the same drill: The returning soldiers being marched through airports in San Francisco, Seattle, even in the Midwest and while marching in formation — under orders not to break ranks even to retaliate — their fellow Americans spit on them.

I always thought those stories indicated despicable and shameful behavior on the part of some Americans — really not defensible.

I can tell you that when you're spit on, you don't forget it. It stays with you a long, long time, and I wasn't spit on for serving my country. Those who were must remember it longer and more vividly than people who were spit on for other reasons.

And I can also tell you from talking to these vets on the radio Thursday that they felt the reason they were spit on, the reason they were not treated well as returning veterans, was Jane Fonda and people like her.

Specifically, they felt that anybody who went beyond simply opposing the war, or protesting the war — somebody who sided with the enemy, as Fonda did — that is somebody they blame with special venom.

So she was spit on. I probably wouldn't have done that. But I am not a Vietnam vet who felt demoralized and betrayed, not just by any old goofball American, but by a famous American pinup babe — the daughter of one of America's most admired movie stars.

Forty years ago, Jane Fonda went over to the enemy's side and she is now learning many people think she's still there.

That's My Word.

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