Why the French Can't Stand Us

Here's my idea of a fun discussion topic: Why the French can't stand us, and why the feeling is mutual!

That's part of what we're planning for “DaySide” Friday — including an interview with Richard Chesnoff (search) about his new book, "The Arrogance of the French." When I used to live in France (I won't tell you how old I was, but Reagan was president), Parisians used to routinely tell me what a "cowboy" Reagan was and constantly ran down our culture — as they wore cowboy boots, Levi's jeans and Mickey Mouse T-shirts!!! It drove me crazy. To be fair, I did have some truly nice French friends as well, but they were far outnumbered by their compatriots who looked down their Gallic noses at us Yanks. That's my story — what's yours? What's your beef with the French? Vent your spleen at dayside@foxnews.com and we'll have a rollicking chat with Richard Chesnoff.

Friday we're also FINALLY doing that segment on Florida's new Stand Your Ground law (search), just passed by that state's legislature. (I know, I know... I promised that we'd do the segment today, but we couldn't get the guests to their satellite locations. So Friday it is. For real.) Thanks for all the e-mails you sent about this last week — I'll be using your comments on the show. There will, no doubt, be other breaking news as well; we'll have all of that too.

Now, to your feedback on today's controversies: first, "Live-shot.com", where you can shoot an exotic animal via remote control. Your e-mails are running about 80-20 against it:

Linda, as a former Marine and an avid hunter I find Internet hunting disgusting. The thing that bothers me the most is that this clown is claiming that he is doing a service to our military in Iraq [by letting them "virtual hunt" from the war zone]. Let me assure you that our troops have plenty to hunt. We don't need some [guy] trying to make money using our fine military as a front.
—Jerry Rochelle, Altus, Oklahoma

I just watched your segment on that hunting website and I think it DOES go too far. I'm a quadriplegic and a life-long hunter... This website seeks to remove the outdoor experience from the hunt and that is wrong. As is the idea that quadriplegics can't hunt.
—Chad Wligura, El Campo, Texas

I am very angry the Mr. Lockwood is allowed to profit from killing animals. It is as bad as the 'canned hunts,' which went on in Texas (I think they have now been banned)...
—Sheila Holcroft

What in God's name is happening in our country, that this man is allowed to make it possible to KILL an animal through your computer? What is next? In the future, pick out a human being.. that one wants to kill?...

If this is allowed, how long will it be before we see websites where we can hunt people for real???!! Paranoid? Maybe, but what' to stop a computer-savvy, techno-geeky computer programmer... from disguising what you think you may be shooting? You see a deer, but maybe it's really a child...or a Mexican.. you fill in the blank...
—Karen Gareau, Rhode Island

Now some comments from the other side:

It is the 21st century; the Internet is a wonderful tool to allow people to participate in activities such as hunting on line. An avid fisherwoman myself, I would be just as excited to catch big fish online!...
—Amy, Sacramento, California

It is Mr. Lockwood's land, hunting is a legal activity, the operation is run safely... Leave the guy alone and let him run his business!!
—Norm Stahl, Hilo, Hawaii

I wish people would get as upset about the truly tragic websites abounding in cyberspace that pose much greater threats to our security and our society than this man's [site]... I am more concerned about the stuff online that is harmful to our children, our families, and our national security. Let the politicians deal with those.
—JC Kingsley, Georgia

And, as for Esteban Carpio, the suspected cop-killer in the "Hannibal Lecter" mask:

There is no arrest photo. If there was, I would say the cops didn't beat him. Since they didn't give the press an arrest photo it means they are trying to hide something...

As a Master Peace Officer in Texas, I can assure you we are taught to use only the necessary force to subdue a subject. If he jumped from a height of [60] feet, then fought the Police, I am not surprised he is badly swollen. The 'spit shield' might also give a clue to his behavior. We must be very cautious about placing blame on the police officers...
—Jerry Eastman, Tatum, Texas

We'll stay on that case — and look into the booking photo.

See you all Friday.


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