Tony Returns to the Microphone!

As most of you know, Tony is battling colon cancer, but he is now feeling well enough to return to his show full-time. Please read Tony's thank you note to all of YOU!

April 21, 2005

Dear Listeners,

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your help and support during my cancer surgery and convalescence. You have been absolutely great. I have received letters, books, CDs, DVDs, religious items, food baskets, handmade goodies and much more from people who have become acquainted with me solely through "The Tony Snow Show."

The good news is I’m feeling great. I mean, really great — so great that I’m ready to go back on the air full-time. I’ll take back the microphone on the 25th and can’t wait. The good thing about taking time off is that you get plenty of chances to think, and I’ve devoted a great deal of thought to building upon the successes of this past year.

We have over 100 stations carrying the show around the country, but you can always catch the streaming of my show on my website every weekday LIVE 9A-12N ET. Again, I’m back and ready to go, and none of it would have been possible without your incredible help and support.


Tony Snow

Here's a sampling of what fans like you are saying:

“It’s great to have Tony Show back. He's got it all, looks, intelligence and style.” — Pati

“Hip, hip, horray! Welcome back Tony! We’ve missed you. With everything that’s been going on in Washington and America at large lately, your voice is greatly needed. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers.” — Mark (Leesburg, FL)

“Welcome back to the mic Tony! It’s great to hear your voice and see you on FNC. You’ve been a constant source of inspiration to my family and me. Come on down to Greenville, South Carolina for some great barbeque anytime you want!” — Sammy (Greenville, SC)

“Tony, we are so pleased to hear of your recovery and will continue to pray for you and your family. As you surely know, God moves in mysterious ways but it is for a reason. We are blessed that you are back in the saddle. We won’t miss a beat!” — Audrey (Houston, TX)

“Please let Tony Snow that this family misses him and we pray for a full recovery for him. Tony is considered by us as being one of the 'good guys' of television; a gentleman with strong opinions and good character and, we await his return.” — Mary (New York, NY)

“Just wanted to thank you all for the continuing updates on Tony Snow. I admire his courage because colon cancer is one of the few diseases left that a lot of people avoid being tested for or discussing. His being public and unafraid is probably going to save tens of thousands of lives in a year or two alone.” — Laurie

“We love you! You are absolutely the very best. You are a delight to watch and listen to. You are a wonderful newscaster and radio host, though we've only heard you on radio as a substitute host. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and wish for you all the strength it takes to eradicate this monster.” — Bill & Lynne

Sharon Patty & Bill (Chestertown, MD)

"My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer two-and-a-half years ago. The prognosis was very bleak. Today her CEA count is lower than it's ever been thanks to extraordinary doctors and many medical advancements. I pray your surgery goes well and that no further intervention is required. Thanks for speaking out about getting check-ups. I'm 40 and am committed to annual colonoscopies." — Laurie B. (Dillsburg, PA)

“Tony Snow is one of the main reasons that we watch FNC. He has always been a class act and we will miss him while he is away for treatment. We wish him the best and hope that he will be back in a very short time. Keep his spot open as there is very few people who can fill his shoes.” — Tom & Mary Lou (Montville, NJ)

“Tony, you're one of my heroes. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed of the facts. There's not many I trust in the media and you're at the top of the list.” — June

“I have admired you from the first report I heard. Your soft spoken, and gentle strength is to be admired. I pray to God for your full recovery, and I pray you will continue to be our spokesman for many, many years. May God bless you and yours, you are in my prayers.” — Dean

“I had a checkup scheduled last year, which I did not fallow up on. You reminded me how important it is not to put off things for tomorrow when you can do them today. It is an old saying but so very true. May God bless and keep you in his hands.” — Margit (Bayville,NJ)

“I've always admired your work and intend to continue to do so for a long time. Even from less than ideal situations positive results can arise. I know I speak for many, many people out there when I say that we all face challenges and the wise and strong among us use these challenges as opportunities to grow; you are both wise and strong so I know you'll best this situation and come out better for having done so! Hang in there, the best is yet to come!” — Bill (West Chester, OH)

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