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The blog is short today ... primarily because I am writing it Wednesday night (for posting on Thursday morning.) A bunch of us from the show are getting up very early and driving a significant distance to tape an interview that we will then show you tomorrow night. The drive is about 4 1/2 hours each way ... so we need to get an early start so that we can make it back in time for tomorrow night's live show. I am hoping for little traffic since I don't think FOX will be thrilled with us if I am doing the show as a "phoner" from a cell phone in a car.

We also need to get back to D.C. with enough time to "feed" the tape to the New York bureau so that it can be played during our show. Of course we are hoping you will find the interview interesting since it means lots of extra work and, as always, little sleep. (In other words, if I slur my words tomorrow night on the show, it is the lack of sleep ... and not alcohol!)

E-mail No. 1 — the next e-mails relate to the man in the Rhode Island (search) courtroom who is accused of murdering a detective and who was wearing a mask in court:

I cannot describe my feelings when I saw the man come into a court in a mask. It was obvious that he had been brutally beaten and it was done so the public could not see what he looked like. I believe the officers who arrested him — yes, it was because his crime was shooting an officer. I am not sympathizing with him — my son was a deputy sheriff and if he even made a smart to someone he stopped, he was called on the carpet and told not to do it again.
If this is an example of our justice system, why do we have judges and juries? If it is, I hope I never commit a crime — depending on the crime, I might never even get to the courtroom.

E-mail No. 2

The whole world knows that the cops beat up that guy. They do that all the time. We will never hear the truth. When cops do this stuff, it inhibits justice for the real victims.

E-mail No. 3

Please stop being the monkey for FOX's grinder. You're better than that. From one Wisconsinite to another,
JoAnne Krieger
St. Paul, MN
(Formerly Green Bay)

E-mail No. 4

Hello Greta!
I am nineteen and love watching your show! However, I was outraged and disgusted on how Esteban Carpio's (search) story was somewhat overlooked. I highly respect all law enforcement and do not have any remorse for his future sentence, but it was very apparent that there was substantial evidence of police brutality by the looks of his face. It surprised me that you did not entertain the possibility even further. I live in a hard neighborhood and I know a beating when I see one. The massive swelling, cuts, and blood are not consistent with a fall, even with handcuffs.
Please Greta, I am sure he did not land entirely on his face! I would not be surprised if the buddies of the detective probably became enraged from the suspect's actions and gave him a good beating.
Keep up the good work Greta and don't lose your edge there, girl!
Pamela C.
Northeast Los Angeles, CA

E-mail No. 5

I was very impressed with your interview with Ken Starr. I have to admit that I did not like the way he handled the impeachment of President Clinton, I am not sure how I feel about the death row inmate the he is defending. What does impress me is his demeanor, which is cool and calm. I hang on to every word that he said.
I am serious about this, I feel that Gloria Allred could take some lessons from him and not be so abrasive. Gloria can be right about something but her demeanor turns a person off.
If Ken Starr can rehabilitate himself, so can Gloria.

E-mail No. 6

I read your column today and that person who said that the person in custody for shooting the investigator could not have received those injuries from jumping out a three-story window is an idiot. Have they ever tried jumping out of a three-story window? The rest of the injuries he received from fighting the police to evade custody. He killed someone and yet his mother is saying, "Look what they did to him." I feel no pity for him and the blame should be on the mother. Look at the way she raised him. She should keep her mouth shut. He got what he deserved. I am sure he will plead not guilty. This is sick!
Gene Simpson
Fairbanks, AL

E-mail No. 7

I disagree. There are times street justice is warranted as in the case in Rhode Island. Wish there was more street justice with the child molesters.

E-mail No. 8

Turns out Jane Fonda visited Kansas City yesterday, much to the displeasure of the crowds that gathered to protest the Vietnam protester. An unknown man spat on Mrs. Fonda and in a later news conference, the newly born again Christian ranted how she would never return to Kansas City. Funny, I thought the principal teachings of the Christian faith was to incite forgiveness and not the promotion of her sex filled, soft porn writings entitled "My Life So Far." Well, nevertheless, we all hope she keeps her promise to never return to Kansas City. Mrs. Fonda, election year is over, get over it! You … err… umm… Kerry lost.
Kansas City, MO

E-mail No. 9 — from Laura Ingle at the Michael Jackson (search) trial:

Subject: Laura note

Michael Jackson is heading home to nurse his sore back. There was only a half-day of testimony today. As Jackson leaves each day, reporters are held in a gated area and we get to lean over the pen to holler a "question of the day" to the "King of Pop." Today's was: "What will you do today now that court is over early?" Jackson smiled at the reporter, paused (seeming pleased someone was asking him a question that had nothing to do with the case) reached around his waist and said, "I'm going to take care of my back." When asked what his pain level was on a scale of 1-10, he said it was a seven. As you know, his back has been bothering him throughout the trial. He sits with a back pillow at the defense table, and the back pain was what caused him to show up late to court the day of the "P.J. Incident."

Now for the courtroom haps:

Former Neverland security guard testified today. His name is Brian Barron and is currently a cop in nearby Guadalupe. He worked security on and off for years at Jackson's ranch, and most importantly, was around when prosecutors contend the accuser and his family was held against its will by Jackson and his team. Barron, who has fiery red hair and freckles, said that there was a security directive not to let the accuser leave the ranch. The message was written on a white message board. Barron also testified there was a gate log entry telling guards not to allow the boy to leave and, if he tried, there was an instruction to call a supervisor.

The defense needled Barron about a bunch of little items of his security detail, going over page after page of the authorized entries and exits at the ranch. Lots of pages from 2002 that showed the accuser and his family were there with comedian Chris Tucker. It was the time frame that video of the "Living with Michael Jackson" documentary aired. I noticed a lot of people in the courtroom rolling their eyes (reporters, public, fans). It seemed as though this was unnecessary minutia as an audience member in the courtroom, even Jackson attorney Brian Oxman seemed to be closing his eyes a bit. But there was something I noticed. All the jurors were taking notes. Juror No. 6 asked the deputy for a new notepad during Barron's testimony. Jurors always surprise you and you never know what they think is important, as we have learned from interviewing them after a trial.

Barron continues his time on the stand in the morning.
Laura Ingle

Often I get e-mails from viewers asking me to update them on stories we have covered. Here is a wire update on the Jessica Lunsford (search) murder. I warn you, this information is very difficult to read:

Florida prosecutors: 9-year-old murder victim was raped, buried alive

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A 9-year-old girl was raped, bound and buried alive, kneeling and clutching a purple stuffed dolphin, state prosecutors said in documents released Wednesday.

Jessica Lunsford's body was found March 19 buried about 150 yards from her house in Homosassa, about 60 miles north of Tampa.

According to the documents, Jessica was found wearing shorts and a shirt — different from the pink nightgown her family said she was wearing when they reported her missing Feb. 24, The Tampa Tribune said in its online edition late Wednesday.

The body was wrapped in two plastic trash bags knotted at her head and feet in a grave covered by a mound of leaves, the state attorney's office said in the documents.

Jessica died of asphyxiation, according to a coroner's report. A convicted sex offender, John Evander Couey, 46, is charged in her slaying.

Officials said they believe Jessica may have been alive in Couey's home while police and volunteers searched for her. After she was killed, Couey fled to Georgia.

A message left for Couey's attorney was not immediately returned Wednesday evening.

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