Moore Sets Up Scholarship for Rebels

Filmmaker and Michigan native Michael Moore (search) has established a scholarship for students who defy the administration at California State University, San Marcos (search) — the same school that canceled his talk last year.

The Michael Moore Freedom of Speech Scholarship will award two $2,500 annual scholarships to Cal State San Marcos students "who have done the most to fight for issues of student rights by standing up to the administration," according to a news release issued Wednesday.

The first scholarships will be awarded in the 2005-2006 academic year. Winners will be announced in June.

Cal State San Marcos President Karen Hynes revoked Moore's invitation to speak on campus last fall because she said the school was prohibited from spending state money on partisan political activity. Hynes said she did not believe there would be enough time to find a speaker whose opinions could balance Moore's liberal views.

A call to Hynes' office was referred to Cal State San Marcos spokesman Rick Moore, who has no relation to the filmmaker and said he did not wish to discuss the merits of the scholarship that encourages students to stand up to administrators.

"Mr. Moore has the right to do whatever he wishes to do and we're glad to see another scholarship available to students who go to our school," he said.

In October 2004, the "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker spoke to 10,000 people off campus at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, where he announced his plans to start what he called a "hellraiser" scholarship.