Guests and Topics: April 20

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Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean (search) says his party will make Terri Schiavo (search) an election issue and plans to use the starvation of Schiavo in political commercials against Republican candidates. We’ll ask Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman what he thinks about Dean’s democratic dilemma.

Plus, a Vietnam vet calls spitting in Jane Fonda's a “debt of honor.” While the actress has apologized for protesting the war, many veterans and their families still begrudge Fonda for the stunt. Was it justified or did he go too far? Fox News Analyst and Vietnam veteran Col. David Hunt weighs in.

Then, what does Pope Benedict XVI say about gay marriage? Hear more of Raymond Arroyo’s rare interview with the new papal tonight on Hannity & Colmes.

And Sean sparks controversy by climbing over a fence at the Mexican border. We’ll have reaction.

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Adding fuel to the fire, several high-profile guests have joined the program on a wide-range of topics.

"With guests who are 'in the middle of the fight,' we're able to hear their point-of-view on the topics, as well as advance our own feelings," said Hannity.

"Believe it or not, I agree with that statement," quipped Colmes.