Why John Bolton Is Perfect for the U.N. Job

Here's what ought to make you crazy about the John Bolton (search) situation, in a nutshell.

The Washington Post coverage of the story Wednesday demonstrates exactly how this is so stupid. They are hyperventilating about how the Democrats have Bolton on the ropes.

Part of the attack is the claim by a Texas woman who says Bolton browbeat her so badly 10 years ago that her life became a living hell. They had a dispute over a business deal. She says Bolton followed her around a Moscow hotel yelling at her, throwing things at her and making her hide in her room while he dropped by to pound on the door and slip threatening letters under the door.

Meanwhile, 14 pages away, The Washington Post runs a story about how Syria has browbeat the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan (search) to hold up a U.N. report highly critical of Syria. Now, it's not that we need the U.N. to tell us Syria is a thugocracy run by liars, but the U.N. has prepared a report detailing how Syria is not keeping its promise to pull out of Lebanon. So, Syria puts pressure on Kofi and what does Kofi do? He caves.

So let's put these things together:

We have a U.N. boss who gets pushed around by a teeny chump country run by a dictator. Meanwhile, the man President Bush wants to send to the U.N. to make sure this stuff doesn't happen any more, is getting hung up by John Kerry and Joe Biden in a Senate committee. And what are they so worried about with Bolton? That he hounds people, throws things at them and badgers them to get what he wants. Isn't that precisely what we want happening at the U.N. right now?

The letter from the lady in Texas ought to secure the job for Bolton. She has proved he is exactly the person to stomp around the halls of the U.N. scaring a bunch of people like Kofi. But to demonstrate the perversity of this situation, the proof that he is just the guy is the very thing that might keep him from getting the job.

Hey, I don't make this stuff up. I just bring you the news, warts and all.

That's My Word.

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