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Thursday is the funeral for Detective James Allen. Who is he, you ask?

He is the police detective shot by Esteban Carpio (search) in Providence, Rhode Island last weekend. Esteban Carpio's bloodied face has been all over the TV networks this week, in footage of him standing in court wearing a "Hannibal Lecter" mask. Carpio's mother wailed that officers had "massacred" her son.

Detective Allen was interviewing Carpio late Sunday night about the stabbing of an elderly woman. Carpio reportedly grabbed Allen's gun, shooting him twice and killing him. Police say he then jumped out a window three stories high and fled; he was caught about an hour later after a violent struggle with police. By now you've seen the footage of Esteban Carpio — what do you think? Is his banged-up face the result of excessive force — or the result of his three-story jump and subsequent struggle with other officers? E-mail me at

Also, we're FINALLY doing that long-awaited segment on whether it should be legal to hunt live animals over the Internet. Do you think it should? Joseph Lockwood (search) says yes — he's the one who has set up the website "", where people can pay to shoot animals on his ranch with a mouse click. Lockwood has a remote-controlled gun set up, and after you pay your hunting fees, you can trigger the gun to shoot when you see your chosen (exotic) animal walk into range.

Lockwood says he sees nothing wrong with it. But even some avid hunters are outraged, because they say this is not what their sport is all about. Now at least 14 states are trying to outlaw the practice, and we want to know what you think.

We're also FINALLY doing that segment on Florida's new "Stand Your Ground" law, just passed by that state's legislature. A lot of you have emailed me about that, and I'll be using your comments on Thursday's show.

Now, feedback on Monday's show: Seems the Army mom, Mary Ward (search), her son (SPC Sean Ward), and their book with his letters from Iraq, touched a chord with many of you:

Thank you for doing the spot on military moms. I, too, am a military mom with a son with the 3rd ID on his second deployment and it is very difficult... On this deployment... a few days [after he left] my best friend came over with an envelope he had left at her house for me. It was his "just in case" envelope with car keys, personal papers, will, etc. He didn't want me to receive it alone... he wanted someone with me when I got it. That was extremely painful to face that "just in case" scenario. Just last week the phone rang and Fort Benning came up on the caller ID. It scared the daylights out of me. I kept asking the soldier if everything was all right — was he telling me the truth. They were just updating their contact information but by the time I hung up I was sobbing… As your guest stated, it's hard hearing that they're hungry... it's hard to understand and relate to the things they've seen, heard and experienced. They will never be the same or as innocent as they once were... I'm very proud of my son, of the man he's become.
—A Proud Military Mom!, Diana Coombs, Snellville, Georgia

I thoroughly enjoy your program... I look forward to it every day! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the book by the young soldier and his mom... My son is a medic with the 1/156 Battalion... He is currently on his 2nd tour. He is home now for his leave time, and will be returning to Baghdad in two weeks...
—Ms. Statham

Ms. Statham, the book is "Letters Home," you can easily get it on Amazon or in bookstores. There's another equally wonderful book by a Marine mom that offers a different and unique perspective. It's called "Stay Strong Stay Safe, My Son," by Debi Callies.

For those of your out there about to send a loved one on deployment, I highly recommend reading these books. They really help you know the rollercoaster of emotions that's coming your way. And, at the risk of sounding corny, thank you for your sacrifice: I've come to know a lot of military parents these days, and it's taught me a great deal about how the WHOLE FAMILY, not just the soldier, gives something up for our country.

See you Thursday.


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