We Have a Pope!

We have a pope! (search) Oh, you know that already? Who would have thought that there would be so much ambiguity when the final decision was made? To hear the world's best anchors (none better then Chris Wallace) struggle with the exact color of the smoke and having to wait over five minutes for the bells, left all of us in the dark. I wonder how long it will take the cardinal to get used to his new name? My wife still has to be reminded she is a Kilmeade! Maybe she's just in denial. I'll bring it up today when I get home.

We didn't have three hours of pope talk today: too many other stories deserved some of the "Friends'" spotlight. For example, the stars of "American Chopper" brought with them a few hundred fans to close our show. We were able to highlight two new Soccer Hall of Fame inductees you may know and certainly respect, Tab Ramos and Marcelo Balboa. Flying in from Los Angeles to bring some star power to the set: recently dismissed "American Idol" (search) finalist Nadia Turner: talented, nice with great hair. If anyone was built to endorse a strong mouse or gel, this is the woman.

Look for us to do more on the border issue all week, along with getting the nation's leading terror experts to discuss this new report out of Iraq that Zarqawi has nukes and they are being stored in Afghanistan.

Sports round up: Look out NFL! The House thinks your steroid program is not nearly as effective as you claim it to be. They'll be grilled next week and expect us to cover it! On Lance Armstrong's retirement, I think it'll be more like a break than a true "so long." Hey, Lance's girlfriend, Sheryl Crowe, is too driven to kick back at 33 with his success. Life on the beach will not suffice. Just a hunch!

Finally, thanks again for continuing to support my book, "The Games Do Count." So many are still sending it to me to be signed for -- get this -- Mother's Day and I'm honored. Now if you have not bought it and plan to, I have set up my Web site -- www.briankilmeade.com -- where you can order and request a customized signature and I'll make it happen.

Thanks for watching and look for fun shows all week.

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