Denzel May Use 'Verse' if Phones Ring

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington (search), who is playing Brutus in the Broadway revival of "Julius Caesar," (search) has come up with a new defense against pesky ringing cell phones during live performances: iambic pentameter.

Washington said in a TV interview that "one of these days I'm going to respond in iambic pentameter: 'Answereth that, my lord. My lord, it is for you."

The CBS show said Washington is making $1,700 a week to appear on stage — a pittance compared to the millions of dollars he makes per movie. But Washington said acting isn't work.

"Acting is a privilege, and it's a craft and all of those things, but it's not work," he told the newsmagazine for its Wednesday night show, according to a transcript released Tuesday.

Washington, 50, won a best-actor Oscar in 2001 for his performance as a crooked detective in "Training Day."

He also won an Oscar for best supporting actor for "Glory" in 1989 and has appeared in dozens of other films, including "The Manchurian Candidate," "John Q," "Philadelphia" and "Malcolm X."

The "Julius Caesar" revival, directed by Daniel Sullivan, opened at the Belasco Theatre on April 3. It also stars William Sandler as Caesar, Colm Feore as Cassius and Jessica Hecht as Portia.