Talking to Astronauts

Now that we have a new pope, “DaySide” is back to other news on Wednesday. Among the segments we're planning:

Should it be legal to hunt live animals over the Internet? Joseph Lockwood (search) says yes, because he's set up the Web site "," where people can pay to shoot animals on his ranch with a mouse click. Lockwood has a remote-controlled gun set up, and after you pay your hunting fees, you can trigger the gun to shoot when you see your chosen animal walk into range.

Lockwood says he sees nothing wrong it. But even some avid hunters are outraged, because they say this is not what their sport is all about. Now at least 14 states are trying to outlaw the practice, and we want to know what you think. E-mail me at

Here's another question: Do you think there is a new generation of conservatives in this country who are rebelling against liberalism in the media? Brian Anderson (search) thinks so, and writes about it in his new book, "South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias." Brian argues that the "liberal monopoly" has been broken by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and the blogosphere (among others); and that right-of-center students on college campuses are now turning the tables on left-wing professors. Do you agree or disagree? Send me your comments and I'll read them on the air when I interview Brian Wednesday.

And here's an opportunity you don't get every day: Want to talk live to some astronauts at the International Space Station (search)? You'll get your chance Wednesday — three of them will be with us live on “DaySide.” They're open to any questions from the audience, so feel free to e-mail any question you want, no matter how strange!

I've always wondered... How do they go to the bathroom? Sorry to be graphic, but when you're floating out in space, gravity is not on your friend in this particular bodily function. Do they work out? What do they do to relax? Can they play Led Zep on a CD player, or is music distorted in space? What do they eat these days? What does it feel like to do a spacewalk — do you fear falling even though you're weightless?

Hopefully some of my ramblings will inspire you all to come up with even better questions.

See you Wednesday!


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