Arrest Warrant Issued for Natasha Lyonne

An angry Manhattan judge issued an arrest warrant Monday for movie star Natasha Lyonne (search) after she skipped court amid charges she went berserk on a fellow tenant and threatened to "sexually molest" her dog.

Lyonne, 26, the co-star of such flicks as "American Pie" (search) and "Slums of Beverly Hills," initially showed up for her morning hearing on misdemeanor criminal-mischief, criminal-trespass and harassment charges.

The trouble was, she was more than an hour late.

Then, after waiting around for a scant 30 minutes to have her case called again, she disappeared.

At 3 p.m., Judge Abraham Clott muttered, "Miss Lyonne still isn't here?" after her case was called for the third time.

The warrant means officers with the police warrant squad could begin hunting the star as early as Tuesday morning and, if they find her, haul her into court in handcuffs.

Neither her lawyer, manager nor publicist returned calls for comment.

The star's latest woes stem from a December 2004 complaint filed by a young woman who lived in the same four-story brownstone in Manhattan.

Cops say a wild-eyed Lyonne stormed into the upstairs apartment of Nicole Scheinder around 10:50 p.m. Dec. 17, screamed at her, tossed her belongings around and even ripped a mirror off the wall.

The crazed actress then picked up Scheinder's little floppy-eared pooch and threatened menacingly, "I'm going to sexually molest your dog," police said.

Scheinder refused to comment yesterday.

A neighbor said Lyonne, who also starred in the indie film "Max and Grace" about a mentally ill couple that falls in love, had moved out of the brownstone a few weeks ago.

Her latest woes come after she crashed her car in Miami Beach in 2001 and wound up pleading guilty to drunken-driving charges.

They also are part of a scathing upcoming article in Jane magazine penned by her former friend and landlord, actor Michael Rapaport (search).

Rapaport, of "Boston Public" and "Mighty Aphrodite," painfully details how he watched his pal spiral into increasingly troubling behavior at the brownstone, which he owns.

When she finally left, "There was garbage everywhere, scripts, contracts, pages from Hustler magazine . . . and things I can't even mention," he writes. "It looked like a grenade had gone off in her bedroom."

One neighbor of the brownstone said Monday: "[Lyonne] had some serious issues, I'll put it to you that way.

"It's surprising [about the charges involving the pooch] because she likes dogs ... well, in some of her more lucid moments."

Additional reporting by Kate Sheehy

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