President Bush (search) is getting some flak over the way his people operate those open forums he's doing all over the country in support of his Social Security ideas. These are the same sorts of gatherings that the president used to have during his political campaign and, in fact, they are just a continuation of his political campaign.

Before the election last November, I heard a lot of lip about Bush not allowing people who disagree with him into his campaign forums.

Even some Republicans are now saying: "Wait a minute, can he do that? Isn't anybody supposed to be able to see the president?"

Well, no. It is the president, after all, and you can't let every nut in to see him. There are safety concerns.

But more importantly, who are we kidding? The people who are being denied entry are there to create a scene and try to take the attention away from the president's proposed programs. Does he have to let people in to disrupt him? No, he doesn't.

So how are his people figuring out who the disruptors are? Well, an attorney is representing three of them who were kicked out of a March 21st event and are now suing. Now the fact is that under their business suits they were wearing T-shirts that said, "Stop the Lies" or some such, but they assured the Bush hall monitors that they had changed their mind about ripping open their business shirts to reveal the "Stop the Lies" shirts underneath. So, they had planned to do it, but decided not to. Yeah, right.

And how were they noticed in the first place? The Secret Service saw a bumper sticker on their car that said, "No Blood for Oil."

OK, let's see: You run around with a bumper sticker that says the Iraq invasion was an oil grab at the expense of the lives of U.S. troops, you're wearing T-shirts saying Bush lies and you think you have a right to attend one of the president's events?

Why doesn't he just hand out tomatoes so you can throw those at him too? Why doesn't he hand out megaphones so you can all yell louder than his P.A. system? Better yet, why doesn't he walk out on stage and say, "My critics are right"?

Dream on and go find a Howard Dean (search) rally.

That's My Word.

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