Powell Preps to Drive Pace Car in Indy 500

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) knows the Corvette convertible pace car he'll drive at the Indianapolis 500 (search) has huge advantage over his own Corvette coupe. And it has to do with speed.

"I got it up to 110, 115 (mph)," Powell said Saturday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (search), where he tested the pace car alongside three-time Indy winner Johnny Rutherford (search). "My other car, my real car at home, I'll never be able to do that with it. I'm just going to have to be content to keep it within the speed limit."

Powell said the car compared with his own — except for the noticeable rush of air at high speed. He said he felt comfortable driving the car, though he would have "butterflies" on race day. The Indy 500, he said, is "as American as apple pie."

"It's going to be hard to get me off the track on the day of the race," Powell said of the May 29 event. "But knowing what's behind me ... at 230 mph, you've got to get out of the way as fast as you can."