'I Married a Princess' Stars Talk to FOX

The new Lifetime reality show "I Married a Princess" (search) showcases real-life princess Catherine Oxenberg (search) and her husband, "Starship Troopers" actor Casper Van Dien (search), as they try to live peacefully in Malibu, Calif., with their five children.

Oxenberg's ancestry traces back to Catherine the Great, and she's the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and granddaughter of the former Regent King of Yugoslavia.

The New York native first captured the public's eye as a model who graced the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and other popular magazines.

Oxenberg and Van Dien appeared on "FOX & Friends" Friday morning. Below is an edited transcript:

Steve Doocy: Are you crazy? Here you are a princess, you're a famous movie actor and here you invite the cameras in to show your screaming kids and you guys yelling at each other?

Van Dien: It was her idea. Completely. I said no, no way over my dead body, I am not doing a reality show, I'm an actor, not a reality TV personality. Whatever the wife says, we do.

Brian Kilmeade: Now, you have five kids.

Oxenberg: Yes. Between us.

Brian: Do you have a favorite kid and do you highlight them more?

Van Dien: What's unique about the show is that the kids' personalities come out and usually in a big family like this, one child will feel like they get lost.

Oxenberg: They've all blossomed on the show, so we get to appreciate them even more, because it's time we don't have time to spend with them anyway.

Van Dien: But the cameras spend the time with them. We don't have to anymore. No more babysitting.

Steve: There's a scene of what's going on in your kitchen, and I hate to say this to you, princess, but your house is a mess.

Oxenberg: You know? And I am a clean freak — this was not my plan to live with this many kids. When I met him, it was one kid, mine, and you shared custody with your ex-wife, so it was like normal and then when we got custody —

Van Dien: Normal?

Oxenberg: Well, three, you know, 50 percent of the time is OK and I had no idea if we knew that we were going to get his kids full time — I never would have had two more kids. There is no way of keeping a house tidy. I go around tidying up all day long.

E.D. Hill: Catherine, I have a blended family with eight kids and I am doing the "Terminator" plan. Did you hear about Arnold's plan? The kids leave something on the floor, he burns it.

Oxenberg: I put it in a trash bag and they have to pay to get it back, $1.

E.D.: They started picking up.

Oxenberg: They don't even care. It stays in the trash bag.

Brian: What did you discover as you watched an episode about your family or about yourself?

Oxenberg: Number one, it was like interesting, because —

Steve: You're slobs.

Oxenberg: We're really rude to each other. Nobody else is neat. I'm neat. He's a slob and so are all of the kids, so I'm in the minority. I've given up and I hide in the closet and even the closet is messy because of you.

Van Dien: This is the last time I'm coming on this show.

Steve: Listen, boy from New Jersey, you're lucky you latched on to a princess.

Van Dien: I know I am, I bow down. I'm at the goddess' feet every night.

Steve: That's what we heard in the commercial.

Brian: Who has more control in the relationship?

Van Dien: I'm a "yes, dear" man.

Oxenberg: I had to break him in — that took years.

"I Married a Princess" premieres Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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