The Japanese government strongly protested on Saturday a new wave of anti-Japan protests in China, saying Beijing (search) should have prevented the violence.

"Even though information was available beforehand to infer that there would be a demonstration, nothing was done to prevent it ... and we strongly protest to the Chinese government," Japan's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

It denounced the "destructive and violent actions" of the protesters and called anew for the Chinese government to prevent a recurrence.

Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura (search) was asked by reporters if he planned to cancel his departure Sunday for a two-day visit to Beijing.

"That option is not out of the question, but at present we are proceeding as planned," Machimura was quoted as saying by Akira Chiba (search), assistant press secretary at the ministry.

Anti-Japanese protests erupted Saturday in at least three cities, including a demonstration by 20,000 people in Shanghai. Protesters last week damaged the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and Japanese businesses, and attacked three Japanese students.

The tensions have been fueled by lingering Chinese anger over Japan's wartime aggression and anxieties at Tokyo's new military and diplomatic ambitions, as well as a territorial dispute.