On the Defensive?

If you've noticed that Christians seem to be up on their haunches lately, acting just a tad defensively, your eyes are not deceiving you. They are and for good reason.

The latest permutation of this story in the news Friday is that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (search) is going to speak out at an event in which Republicans are going to say the Democrats are blocking Bush's judicial appointments out of opposition to people of faith.

One of the blocked nominees, Bill Pryor (search), is a strong Catholic. The others are conservative, but faith does not seem to be front and center with them.

However, Frist and others may have a point. And I think what we are seeing here is a pushback from the people of faith against a secularist, humanist, and anti-faith trend over the last, maybe, ten years or so.

Look at the pushback that came in the last election. The Dems were perceived as indifferent or sometimes even hostile to religion and they paid. Even Howard Dean (search) now says so.

Look at the last few Christmas seasons, when secularists running city halls and schools have tried to banish any possible religious symbols of the season in what appears to be an anti-Christian movement. Why anti-Christian? Because other, minority religions are celebrated and in most cases, only Christianity is banned.

The public has noticed and the public doesn't like it. And as I said earlier, even Howard Dean has heard the message.

Just this week, a federal court in Los Angeles insisted against a cross on a hilltop in the Mojave Desert — federal land — come down and suggested that a solution to keep it up, involving a land swap which would put the piece of land in private hands, was a ruse to keep an unconstitutional cross on government land.

A land-swap exactly like it just occurred in San Diego in order for a landmark cross to remain. It was done in San Francisco, too. But it can't be done in this case in the wide-open Mojave Desert. Why? Ya think just maybe somebody's got some animosity for a cross that's so ingrained there is no permissible solution for the cross to remain?

Yeah, it does smell like that.

So maybe Frist is right to speak out. Good for him.

That's My Word.

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