The moment of truth arrives Monday night for Christina Applegate (search).

That's when this plucky, iron-willed little actress with the famous broken foot finally reclaims her starring role in "Sweet Charity." (search)

Will she be up to the job?

Well, it's been touch and go for a week.

Only a few days ago, her physical therapist attended a run-through of the show with standby Charlotte D'Amboise in the part.

Production sources say the therapist ticked off a list of moves Applegate would not be able to do.

There was talk of "modifying" the choreography (that it is to say, she'd wave her hands a lot).

There was even talk of having another standby, the very sexy Dylis Croman, dance the show, with Applegate doing just the singing and dramatic scenes.

But on Wednesday, Applegate ran through the entire show and, according to sources, was able to execute every move with the exception of a few jumps in "Hey Big Spender." (search)

Thursday, producer Barry Weissler said, "I am telling you that based on what she is able to do right now, we expect that she will go through the entire show Monday night."

Applegate told the Post that she would be on stage Monday night and that she would open the show as scheduled May 4.

The backstage drama of "Sweet Charity" has certainly captured the media's attention.

Suddenly, an old show nobody cared about is in the newspapers, magazines, on television.

But has the media hype helped ticket sales?

Production sources say yes — but we're not talking "Spamalot" here.

The show is selling around $60,000 worth of tickets a day ("Spamalot" sells more than $250,000 daily). Unfortunately, because Applegate's been out — and because her future with the show is still up in the air — hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tickets have had to be refunded.

Rocco Landesman, the owner of the Hirshfeld Theatre and a betting man, doesn't seem to have much faith in the show's staying power.

He's already lined up another tenant should "Sweet Charity" fold: the musical version of "The Color Purple."

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