Windsor Wedding: Royally Right or Princely Problem?

Thirty years after their first romance, Prince Charles (search) and Camilla Parker Bowles, both now graying divorcees, will finally wed in a civil ceremony and put the official seal on a relationship Princess Diana blamed for the breakdown of her marriage to the man who would be king.

Windsor wedding: Royally right or princely problem?

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It should come as no surprise about the Church of England giving a blessing to Charles and Camilla. Remember, the Church of England came into existance because the Catholic King Henry VIII was not granted a divorce from the Catholic Church. In an in-your-face move he created the Church of England, made himself leader or Protector of the Faith and had oneof his priests The Archbishop of Canterbury grant the divorce! Charles is only trying to do what his ancestor did.
Dale M.
Lindale, GA

Hey, let Charles and the Bowles chick get married in peace - they've been living in "sin" anyway. As far as that's concerned, let he who has not fornicated out of wedlock cast the first stone!
Dean M.
Rochester, NY

In regard to your morning story as to the pending marriage of HRH Prince Charles and Mrs. Bowles — this will cause a great rift in this country a vast number of people feel as I do and that is. If he wants to marry her then he should abdicate the thrown and not be considered as a king. He is an adulterer and so is she what sort of message does that send out to our younger people He is going to be the Head of the Church of England and it does not say its OK to commit adultery if you are a Prince but not if you are a commoner. We will have to pay to keep this woman by paying our taxes the same as we do now to keep the rest of the Royals..some do a good job some are a waste of space... I am a Royalist (up to a point) and that point is starting to wear thin
Jim T.

Prince Charles is finally doing what he should have done years ago. This is a love story reminiscent of that of his great-uncle Prince Edward and Wallace Simpson. The difference between the two is that today's society is more permissive and royalty just isn't what it used to be.
Jean W.
St. Petersburg, FL

Charles is a man of very little dignity, and so is Camilla. They are simply very rich adulterers. They are able to marry because Diana, the wronged wife, is lying in her grave.
Rachel G.
Cherry Hill, NJ

The marriage is royally right, it really should be no one else's business. I hope the sons are supportive and happy for their father.
Rochester, MN

As long as they can't have any children, go for it.
Al H.
Summerville, SC

Tell me, does anyone really care?
Fred P.
Walkersville, MD

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